Protecting Your Business: Industrial Computer Security Best Practices and Threats to Watch Out For

With the increasing use of technology in industries, it’s important to prioritize the security of industrial computer systems. Many processes that were previously controlled manually have now become automated, which has made systems more efficient but also more vulnerable to cyber attacks. This article will discuss best practices for industrial computer security and the threats that your business should be aware of.

Best Practices

1. Implement Physical Security Measures

Physical measures such as surveillance cameras, locked doors, and restricted access to sensitive areas can help prevent unauthorized access to computers and systems. By limiting physical access to your systems, you can reduce the likelihood of tampering and theft of sensitive information. It’s important to train employees on physical security measures, so they understand the importance of following protocols and reporting suspicious activity.

2. Use Strong Passwords and Encryption

It’s important to ensure that passwords are complex, regularly changed, and not easily guessable. Implementing encryption of sensitive data ensures that data is secure, even if it is compromised. If an attacker gains access to your systems, but the data is encrypted, they will not be able to make use of it. Additionally, it is recommended to use two-factor authentication when accessing sensitive data, such as a biometric authentication in addition to a password.

3. Regularly Update Systems and Software

Software and hardware manufacturers routinely release updates and patches that fix vulnerabilities and security flaws. It’s important to stay up-to-date by regularly installing these updates and patches. Unpatched systems and software can be more easily exploited by hackers, exposing your business to greater risk. By regularly updating systems and software, businesses can reduce the potential of breaches and attacks.

4. Have a Continual Education Program

Industrial computer security is an ongoing process, meaning that businesses need to be vigilant and informed about new threats and common practices. Providing ongoing education, training and awareness campaigns can be an effective way to keep employees informed about the risks and what they can do to mitigate them.

Threats to Watch Out For

1. Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts critical data, preventing businesses from accessing it. In exchange for the release of access, businesses are typically asked to pay a ransom. These attacks can cause significant damage to businesses, including loss of revenue and damage to reputation.

2. Malware and Virus Attacks

Virus attacks have been around since the days of the floppy disk, but they are still a concern for businesses. Malware attacks can range from mild annoyances to complete system failure. It’s important to install anti-virus software on all systems and to keep it up-to-date to prevent infections and attacks.

3. Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering involves psychological manipulation of individuals to extract sensitive information by impersonation, deceit or trickery. This can be done through phishing emails, spam, phone calls, or text messages. It’s important to train employees to recognize these attempts and avoid divulging sensitive information by double-checking the requests and the source.

4. Insider Threats

Insider threats are a significant concern for business owners and pose a risk to the security of their systems. Employees and contractors with authorized access to sensitive information may intentionally or unintentionally misuse it, making it important to monitor employee behavior and limit access to confidential data to a need-to-know basis.


Industrial computer security is essential to protect both your business and clients from potential attacks and vulnerabilities. By implementing best practices, engaging in continual education, and remaining aware of threats, businesses can take proactive steps towards reducing risks and keeping their operations safe from cyber attacks. Learn more about the subject with this external resource we suggest. www.tangent.com, extra details and fresh viewpoints on the topic addressed in this article.

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