How to increase the lifespan of your paved surfaces

How to increase the lifespan of your paved surfaces 1

Understanding the importance of pavement maintenance

Pavement maintenance is essential if you want to maximize the lifespan of your paved surfaces. Not only will it save you money in the long run, but it will also help keep your property looking sharp. Routine maintenance includes things like sealcoating, crack filling, and regular cleaning. It’s important to pay attention to small cracks and fix them before they turn into big problems. One affordable and effective way to fix small cracks is by using asphalt crack filler.

What is asphalt crack filler?

Asphalt crack filler is a product that is used to fill small cracks in pavement. It’s made from a mixture of asphalt cement and other materials, and it’s designed to be flexible so that it can move with the pavement as it expands and contracts. Asphalt crack filler is easy to apply and is a great way to extend the life of your pavement.

The benefits of using asphalt crack filler

  • Cost-effective: Asphalt crack filler is an affordable way to maintain your pavement.
  • Reduces further damage: Small cracks can turn into larger ones over time. By filling them with asphalt crack filler, you can prevent further damage from occurring.
  • Improves curb appeal: Maintaining your pavement with asphalt crack filler can improve the curb appeal of your property.
  • Lasts for years: When applied correctly, asphalt crack filler can last for years and prevent further deterioration of your pavement.
  • How to apply asphalt crack filler

    Before applying asphalt crack filler, it’s important to prepare the surface. Begin by cleaning the cracks with a wire brush and removing any debris. Then, use a leaf blower or compressed air to remove any remaining dirt or dust. Once the surface is clean, apply the asphalt crack filler using a putty knife or trowel. Make sure to fill the crack completely and level it off with the surrounding pavement. Allow the filler to dry completely before using the area again.

    Tips for maintaining your pavement

  • Keep it clean: Regular sweeping and cleaning can help prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on your pavement, which can lead to cracks and other damage.
  • Sealcoat every few years: Sealcoating protects your pavement from the elements and can extend its lifespan. It’s recommended to apply sealcoat every two to four years.
  • Fix small cracks immediately: Small cracks can turn into big problems if left unattended. Keep an eye on your pavement and address any cracks or damage as soon as you notice them.
  • Inspect regularly: Regular inspections of your pavement can help you identify issues before they become major problems. Make sure to look for cracks, potholes, and any other damage.
  • Innovation in pavement maintenance

    Recent innovations in pavement maintenance include the use of infrared asphalt repair. This process involves heating the damaged area of pavement and then blending in new asphalt. This method is faster than traditional patching and can be done year-round, making it a convenient solution for property owners. Additionally, some companies are now offering eco-friendly sealcoating solutions, which reduce the use of harmful chemicals and minimize the impact on the environment.


    Pavement maintenance is an essential part of property management, and using asphalt crack filler is an effective way to prevent damage and extend the life of your pavement. Remember to keep your pavement clean and inspect it regularly for cracks and other issues. By taking these steps, you can save money and keep your property looking its best for years to come. We’re dedicated to providing a well-rounded educational experience. This is why we recommend this external site containing supplementary and pertinent details on the topic., dive further into the subject and discover more!

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